Seco Machine monitoring

Machine monitoring as a digital solution

SECO Tools, one of the world's largest suppliers of comprehensive metalworking solutions for milling and turning, and STODT, the national technical company trainer and specialist in machining and measuring, have been collaborating partners in the field of technical developments and knowledge transfer around machining processes and tools for many years.

Digital solutions

Last year Seco Tools launched Machine Monitoring. This new software has been installed on one of the CNC machining machines with Heidenhain control in the high-tech practice location at STODT in Hengelo. The digital Machine Monitoring tool fits perfectly within the Industry 4.0 solution.

Shady A El Moursi and Bob Selker initiated the idea to introduce Machine Monitoring within STODT's innovative Interreg project Machining 4.0. In this European project STODT, together with its project partners, guides SMEs in the manufacturing industry to take the knowledge and innovation capacity in the sector to the next level. This introduction led to the integration of Machine Monitoring in the teaching package of the machining BBL courses. Within the BBL 3 All-round Precision Cutting and BBL 4 Machining Technologist, besides the Seco Tools Machine Monitoring, several other new technological and digital solutions are demonstrated and can be used by the students and participants of the training and courses at STODT. By using these digital tools in our learning environment, future CNC machinists learn to improve processes during training and courses and thus realize cost reductions, shorter delivery times and more flexibility. STODT continues to develop the digital learning environment and will invest in the coming years in expanding training and courses for the digital transition. This makes STODT a very interesting learning place for students and companies.

Seco machine monitoring


But what can specialists and students within the study program do with a software package and what can this software monitor? Think about monitoring time losses, the real processing time and how long you actually produce a product. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to introduce students to digital solutions that they will encounter in practice.


Machine Monitoring' from Seco Tools is a software package that is linked to one or more CNC machines in the workshop. This creates a digital overview of the time spent and the performance of the machinery. This makes it possible, among other things, for the CNC professional to gain insight into deadlines within production. It also gives the workshop management the opportunity to take a digital look at the work floor in real time. In this way bottlenecks in the production process can be quickly identified and eliminated. This leads quickly and easily to a higher efficiency of the production process. In most workshops a lot of profit can be made from unnecessary time loss. This leads to more production output without having to expand the machine park. This not only offers financial benefits, but is also more sustainable. It is often considered too quickly to purchase a new machine instead of using the current available machine park more efficiently.

The uniqueness of ''Machine Monitoring'' is the independence of the brand or type of CNC machine and is also very accessible for large but also for small machining companies. Thanks to the collaboration between Seco Tools and STODT, the innovative knowledge becomes more accessible for companies and its participants and students.


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